Want to change the world? You've come to the right place!

Give is an app that crowdsources charity giving for free, allowing you to save lives and make a continuous difference.


Let's play trivia
Our first module is trivia! Play trivia and when you get a question right, we pay up to 3 grains of rice to the people that need it, all over the world. That’s real rice.

Tons of questions
We’ve hand-written more than 15,000 questions across more than 9 trivia categories, and 3 levels of difficulty. It took us ages - but we think you’ll love the result.

Endless fun
With all that trivia choice, you’ll never get bored. When the going gets tough, drop the difficulty. If things are too easy, up the difficulty! The higher the difficulty, the more rice you’ll earn!

Stats aplenty
The Give servers are working overtime to provide you real-time information on the rice earned by your friends, their streaks, the overall population of givers, and regional activity. You’re never going to feel alone in making a difference.

Save the planet
In-app ads pay for your giving and our servers, so Give works on a completely sustainable basis. The more friends you bring to Give, the bigger the impact we can make. Imagine if the whole world was active on Give?

Future updates are free!
Trivia is our first module, supporting nutrition-based programs for families devastated by the current famine in Ethiopia. We plan to add more games and causes in the months and years ahead!

We’re tired of lethargic charities that are fixated on “old” models of giving. Give is designed and coded by one person, James Downing, and aims to be a solution for the next generation that wants to think big.

This is the future of giving, so what are you waiting for! Interested in saving lives on the hottest platform for social change yet? Get started with Give today!


We donate the financial equivalent of the rice you earn on Give to World Vision.

We'll post the receipts of our payments here when we make them, usually every quarter:


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